Jan. 17th, 2001

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A poem I was challeneged to write...

addison road, right side of platform

in the kiss-n-ride
lips meet, lips part, without me
alone on blue line

...and now to rush off to work just barely after getting home.
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Must! Leave! For! Work!


The early morning sun lit up her room
But it wasn't just a change in the weather
She'd read it in her stars and now she felt it in her heart
Life was gonna start getting better
And there was a time when she would pray
That each teardrop that rolled down her face
Would represent a day of pain for him
But she's changing the way she feels
About wasting her time & tears
Cried out, cried out, cried out
Cried out, cried out, cried out

And all the tricks and all the lies
He tried to pull over her eyes
Kept running through her mind
She looks back in disbelief
In confusion and in grief
At what his secrecy was revealing
You can scream into your pillow
You can pray into the night
But you can't switch off your feelings
Like you'd switch out a light
But she's changing the way she feels
About wasting her time and tears
Cried out, cried out, cried out
Cried out, cried out, cried out

And now these winter skies
Turn blue and bright
And she feels alive
And wants to drink every kiss
Make up for what she's missed
And wipe him out of her mind
Some day he'll have to grow up
And come clean
And listen to the screams
Of his own conscience
Cry out, cry out, cry out
(repeated 13 more times)
...And she'll not hear a sound
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Do you ever wish you were 2-15 people at once? I wish I were, at work, right now...

I need to find some better review/summaries of this great Walter Jon Williams book, Aristoi, but I wish I lived in that book most times.

See, it's in this far future time. All the gee-whiz, high tech things we're thinking about now are old by this time. Nano-tech, genetic engineering, instantaneous communication, limitless computing power, terraforming, world creation, virtual reality, psychology-- all these things are old hat to humanity. One of the things most interesting to me about all of it is that, in order to deal with the demands of this technology and the new society around it, the best of the best creative minds (the ruling Aristoi class of the meritocracy) have learned how to develop multiple personalities.

These multiple personalities are aspects of the single person, but each with their own impulses, motivations, and perspectives within the main personality. They all become complete functioning entities with the help of brain implanted computing power, so that an Aristoi and his or her team of multiple sub-personalities can literally be in multiple places at once (again, thanks to some super advanced virtual reality tech). In fact, one of the personalities can take care of the body, or stand in for the person (say, at public speaking engagements) while the main personality is deep at work on something else via the brain implant (say, writing a novel, solving an equation, designing a program, creating an image).

So, as an Aristoi, you can be in many places, doing many things, all at once, and be able to get everything done that you might need. I wish I had the multiple personalities to do it, but somehow, I think without the brain implants and psychological knowledge assumed in the story, it'd be a bit dangerous today :)


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