Jan. 19th, 2001

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I'd go link crazy here, but I have to get to bed.
The Cure
The Smiths
Depeche Mode
New Order
Cocteau Twins
Dead Can Dance
Joy Division
Sinead O'Connor
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Lisa Gerrard
Jeff Buckley
The Verve
My Bloody Valentine
This Mortal Coil
Peter Murphy
Sarah McLachlan
Massive Attack
The The
Love & Rockets
The Church
Everything But The Girl
Echo & The Bunnymen
The Sisters of Mercy
Clan of Xymox / Xymox
Throwing Muses
Aphex Twin
Velour 100
Mojave 3
Skinny Puppy
Talk Talk

Okay, I love music from each and every one of the above bands or performers. I love Big Sonic Heaven. But I have a hard time putting my finger on, well, just what exactly is this music? Maybe there just isn't a particular genre.. it's not gothic, ambient, jazz, moody, whatever.. it's an eclectic mix. But there's a common thread through the whole thing. It all feels strangely nostalgic yet new and authentic to me.

Anyway, this is, in part, me. I tried the goth thing for awhile, and though City Club is great fun, I can't live it. This music, though, seems to have the happy melancholy I like without the melodrama.

Ugh. Bed.
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Gagh: morning. At least it's Friday. Up a tad earlier than usual today, so I might just be able to make it to work by 9am. And if I do, I might just be able to get all but 1 of those 4 things mentioned last night done before anyone else is awake enough to bother with me.

Must consider metamorphosing into a morning person.

GAGH! What am I saying?!?
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Must go buy cigarettes!

must resist! trying to quit!

Goddamn it I need a smoke!

no, you don't.

I'm a cranky FUCK from HELL!

so what else is new? just ride it out.

I almost kicked poor Inanna!

don't kick your cats, they won't understand

I'm getting pissed off at my SHOES!

you realize how nuts you sound right now, don't you?

I'm going to do it.

you really shouldn't.

But just one. It'll make me less cranky for now

maybe, and maybe it'll just make you cough.


calm down, you damn junkie.

(incomprehensible noises)

are you sure it's just the cigarettes?
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Watching Black Scorpion on SciFi.

Puh-lease! This show sucks ASS. Shitty, derivative story lines and dialog. Horrible acting. It copies (and not well) from just about every other attempt at comic-book-like shows and movies. It's so completely overdone and tries way too hard. It smacks you in the face with it's cheesiness so much that it's no longer a tongue-in-cheek thing. The fight scenes are painfully awkward, choreographed like the fight scene I made when I first got my hands on a camcorder. Everything, from the morphing car, to the villians, to most of the concept... it's all been done, and with greater success, by better crews.

Why does this piss me off so much? Because SciFi does make good exclusive shows and movies, and they pick up some good series that would otherwise be destined for 'collectors edition' DVD sets in a dusty bin somewhere. Farscape, Lexx, Babylon 5, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne... I can keep going on with all the things I love about Scifi, but back to the show I'm bitching about...

About the show, co-creator Roger Corman says:
...I made Black Scorpion because I believe the female action hero, comic-book style, has the same primal appeal as the heroines of mythology -- the paradox of a woman who is both beautiful and lethal, both seductive and powerful...
WHAT?! Listen, you can't make a show this shitty, failing even at an attempt to make campy entertainment, and then try to wax philosophical about mythology and feminine archetypes. For fuck's sake, Xena: Warrior Princess dramatizes these things amazingly better than this hour-long cringe-fest. In this show, nearly all the women have large breasts, negative IQ's, and the humor tends toward the misogynist. (Thing is, I would like to see one, just one female action hero who's actually dressed for action. You know, like wearing full body armor, not a rubber swimsuit, or a leather skirt. Not that I have a problem with either, but you can't call that a primal female heroine figure.)

I mean the thing is, he's right in part. The female action hero can have that same mythic primal appeal-- but I think he stole that quote straight from a Joseph Campbell book he perused in college.

I mean, maybe I have this guy all wrong. But still, I feel like I want my money back, even though the show is free. It's what stands between two shows I actually do want to watch.


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