May. 30th, 2001

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Through doubt and uncertainty, I've canceled out the impetus I had which led me to feel so sure I was going to quit my job. So sure was I that I revised my resume, filled out a U of M job application, and filled out bid forms for 5 jobs. But I never handed the forms in, and I started thinking that I was making a rash decision. Started thinking that I really should step back and talk to my superiors, work some things out.

Well... I suppose that process is started, but, I really don't feel better about this place at all. I'm pretty tired right now, but I can't decide whether this is a symptom or the cause of my distaste for being here.

So now I'm left with the same feeling of being burnt out and tired of this place but with no clear course of action to take. Maybe a vacation, but I still feel an itch for something more drastic than that.
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Oh, and now it's being suggested to me that, in order to start on a Master's degree, it would be better to have people reporting to me. That is, to have greater responsibility here. Whereas, I'm thinking it'd be nicer to have lesser responsibility altogether so I can focus on my education.

Am I crazy? I really don't want more shit to worry about here. Fuck.
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Ever hear how Harvey Keitel got fired from a role in Eyes Wide Shut?
SCORCESE: Harvey, Harvey, what's this about you and Kubrick? Robert, this tuna is great.
DENIRO: (nods)
KEITEL: (shrugs)
DENIRO: You know what I heard ...
SCORCESE: Pass the saki?
DENIRO: ... I heard this motherfucker got himself fired ...
KEITEL: Shut the fuck up.
DENIRO: ... 'cause he came in Nicole Kidman's hair!
KEITEL: Shut the fuck up.
SCORCESE (OVER): Get the fuck out of here! Harvey?
KEITEL: Yeah. (SHRUG.) Came in 'er hair.
DENIRO (OVER): Jesus, I can't breathe.
SCORCESE: I'd a done that.
DENIRO: So, was it good?
KEITEL: It was pretty good.
KEITEL (faint smile): I'd do it again.
DENIRO: So the fuck would I.
SCORCESE: I would do that.
(An elegant waitress presents the bill.)
DENIRO: (tearing up bill) On the house, Harve.


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