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At Poisonhand's request, I provided these answers to his survey: :)

Name: Leslie Michael Orchard

Age: 25

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Have you read the instructions: (ignored)

Religious/Spiritual Background: Eclectic open-minded reverence with neo-pagan leanings

Current favourite song: "Alive", Edwin

Whats in yer CD player right now: Emiliana Torrini, Love in the Time of Science

Last time you laughed: 30 seconds ago.

Last time you kissed someone, and meant it: Last week

Whats been the highpoint of your life thus far: Being in college

Name three things you want to do before you die: Get a Doctoral degree, visit outer space, and raise some brilliant children.

What was the last movie you saw: Blow

If you could play any instrument, what would it be, and why: A synthesizer, because it can sound almost like anything.

What in your own words, does love mean: Reunion.

Are you happy right now: Fairly so.

Do you enjoy horror movies: Yes, but only the really psychologically creepy ones. See: Clive Barker. (Stephen King is not scary.)

Do your friends tell you that you laugh at twisted shit: Often.

Give an example of twisted shit youve laughed at: BabySmasher.com

Do you have any Tattoos, or piercings? if so where: No, completely unmarked and without extra holes.

Does the sight of blood, and gore excite you, rather than disgust you: Real blood/gore makes me ill. Simulated blood/gore can be funny as hell.

Have you ever felt like you were two steps ahead of everyone else in thought: Sometimes.

Do you believe in Karma, Fate, and Reincarnation: Yes.

What is your pet-peeve: Blatant, unabashed stupidity.

Name an annoying habit you have: Being cranky.

List your addictions: Coffee, smoking.

Give an example of something mischievious youve done: In a CMU college dorm, the doors were set back in the hallway walls. If one taped newspapers across the doorway, there would be a 2-3 inch space between the newspaper and the door. My roommates and I did this, and filled it with cheap 1 day old popcorn from the University Center. Knocked on the door and ran. The airflow from the opening door sucked the popcorn in and blasted it all over the room.

Did you get caught: No, but we helped them clean up and vowed to catch the bastards who did it. (They always suspected, though.)

Reveal the wildest place you made love: Her grandmother's kitchen floor, at 2:00am, while grandma slept.

Have you ever wanted to kill someone: Not really, other than figuratively speaking.

Who, and why: Various blatantly, unabashedly stupid people.


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