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Okay, now I've got myself feeling almost painfully nostalgic.

I just mentioned this link about Robin Goodfellow in talking about the name of my boy kitty, Puck. Not only does the Puck Through the Ages page mention Puck as in The Sandman, but it mentions Puck as in the now off-air Disney cartoon Gargoyles

Yeah, yeah, a cartoon... so what? Well, this cartoon was no ordinary Disney venture. I once compared it to something Neil Gaiman's perkier twin brother might make. It had an amazing range of cultural and mythological references, and more solid story arcs than most prime time series. It had Gargoyles, Faerie, King Arthur and Merlin, Olympians... and, oh, like The Highlander, it took place across many periods of history, thanks to various feats of magic, immortality, and weirdness.

But really, why are memories of this "mere" cartoon tugging at a string just under my heart?

Because it was 1994, my sophomore year at college. I was living with 3 other guys in a dorm room, and it was the second year together for all but one of us. We, along with a few other friends, watched this cartoon religiously. We babbled about where the next week's episode would take things. We one even all got together and started playing with the idea of working in Gargoyles rules into a White Wolf roleplaying campaign we were playing. Eventually, that idea was scrapped, and many of the ideas seeped into the live action roleplaying system we wrote.

The thing is, I loved these guys. We all fit in, with each other. We were all intensely interested in certain common, dorky and geeky things. And we all had incredibly interesting things that we were thinking and talking about...

...and I can't find that in my world today.

...and we've all lost touch.

...and I miss it and them like crazy.


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