May. 2nd, 2001

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Okay, so I've had a Sony Vaio PCG-505TR SuperSlim laptop for about a year and a half now, and I've loved it. It's tiny-but-not-too-tiny, light, and works almost perfectly running Linux. I use it as my main development machine, and workpad. It's not a workhorse, but it does enough, and I also know whatever I get running well under its conditions should run great on a bigger box. But, it's starting to show its age, and I'm starting to get into some Java development that is straining the poor thing.

So... First I look at a new Vaio, but then this shiny thing first caught my eye. Now, you need to recognize the significance of this. In years past, I was a joyous Mac taunter. I giggled at iMacs and belittled their freaky little puck mice. And although the styling of G3 macs gave me pause, I still pointed and chortled at the pitiful Mac OS it was running. But now... but now... Mac OS X is in the world, and this latest Powerbook from Apple is even sleeker and better designed than my beloved Vaio. But damn is it expensive. I could *almost* swing it...

But then someone sent me a link to the new iBook. I think I'm doomed now. It packs so much into a package only marginally bigger than my lil Vaio, yet costs less than my Vaio did when I bought it.

Apple must be doing something right, if they've managed to turn this old Amiga-enthusiast-reluctantly-turned-PC-user into a budding Mac enthusiast. I think Apple's doing what I'd hoped Amiga would have someday done, only with more flair and clout than the old girl could have swung.



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